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Breakfast Catering for your Event

If you’re planning a corporate breakfast meeting, a professional catering company can help ensure a smooth, stress-free event. Whether you’ll have ten attendees or 100, scheduling meetings and presentations in the morning will help ensure the success of the event and, in many cases, save you money on your food and venue costs. When you choose […]

Catering Trends to Follow During COVID 19

Pre-COVID-19 life seems like forever ago. The possibilities for wedding and catering planning were endless before covid. Guess what? They still are! Still dream big, be creative and imagine the most unique and delicious wedding menu ever! Whatever you imagine will just need minor adjustments when planning. Our two main goals for covid wedding catering […]

Engagement Party Ideas

The wedding date is set! Now you are trying to plan all the other festivities related to your wedding. The second most exciting event next to the wedding is the engagement party. Planning your engagement party is just as fun as planning your big day without the stress of planning THE big day. What is […]

Return of the Dinner Party!

Dinner parties are a great way to bring loved ones and friends together. Planning and hosting a dinner party can quickly become stressful, especially cooking. Planning dishes and preparing them is where hosting a dinner party may become overwhelming. The host must prepare enough food for the amount of guests while trying to please everyones […]

What is a Micro-Wedding?

Weddings are arguably the most important day in a woman or man’s life. Most imagine their wedding day like a fairytale, while you and your partner are surrounded by loved ones, gorgeous flower arrangements, and a beautiful venue. That being said, fairytales are not cheap and can get quite hectic, putting extra stress on the […]