Catering Trends to Follow During COVID 19

Pre-COVID-19 life seems like forever ago. The possibilities for wedding and catering planning were endless before covid. Guess what? They still are! Still dream big, be creative and imagine the most unique and delicious wedding menu ever! Whatever you imagine will just need minor adjustments when planning. Our two main goals for covid wedding catering are guest safety, and delicious food. Let us show you how to accomplish those!

First, make sure you have your theming in order. Take into consideration your venue and the setting. Think about if you want to incorporate the culture of the location of your wedding into the cuisine. For example, if your wedding is at the Cannery in New Orleans you will have to decide whether you want to incorporate New Orleans food into the menu or not. You could choose to not incorporate the local cuisine into the menu at all. Take into consideration your budget for catering as well. After you have started to think about all of the elements of your wedding, begin to write down ideas you have for catering. Be as creative as possible. Maybe you want a gourmet version of you and your spouse’s favorite home cooked meal? Maybe you want gourmet French food or a Brunch menu. Write down as many ideas as you can think of and then start to narrow down into your favorites. One you have narrowed down to your final idea, begin to plan out your finalized menu. Remember to have options for people with special diets if you choose.

Now, take your finalized menu and make sure that your catering is covid-19 friendly. The simplest step to ensure safety of the guests is to make sure that all catering and serving staff is covid 19 negative before working the event. Also do temperature checks on the day of the event to ensure the safety of your guests. Now onto serving. The biggest adjustment on catering due to covid 19 will be needing the catering staff to pre plate food. For example, there is no way that having a chocolate fountain with fruit to dip in it by guests will be safe under CDC guidelines. There will need to be an attendant at any type of interactive food stations. Catering staff will need to dip the strawberries upon request and hand them to the guests on a plate or plate them in the kitchen before serving out at the wedding. Also you probably can not have those large glass drink containers that usually hold lemonade or cucumber water. Also charcuterie boards or grazing tables will need an attendant to plate food for guests. Drinks will need to be poured by catering staff or individually packaged. As for dessert, people have done a more creative alternative for wedding cake. Wedding hosts are ordering individually packaged desserts like small individual cakes for guests to eat then or to take home. It will only take small adjustments to make sure your menu is safe during covid 19.

Your wedding during covid 19 can still be very successful. You may not even notice a difference. Stay positive through the process of planning a wedding through these different times. Contact Toulouse Gourmet Catering today to plan catering for your wedding today!